Two Teachers, One Retreat

Date: May 20 – 28

Location: The Abode of the Message

Registration: The Alignment Center

Cost: Prices range starting from $1919 depending on accommodation type

 Mother Clare Watts and Shakti Durga join two spiritual traditions together to teach one epic retreat about that most sacred of all human activities — relationship. Mother Clare and Shakti Durga will explore what it means to enter into the Divine sacred masculine and the Divine sacred feminine. You can expect to take a deep journey into your core and find hidden treasure, awaken to the spirit of freedom, creativity, liberty and love and also the security and nurturing of a Divine relationship. The miracle and grace of a relationship with Guru will also be explored in experiential ways.

 Relationships need attention and in a busy world it can be hard to juggle everything. Difficult patterns can develop which seem impossible to heal. By working on the energy of our relationships we can turn even very challenging situations around.

Every person has needs. We may not be aware of our partner’s needs or indeed, our own. When needs go unmet over time this can lead to either separation, affairs, uncomfortable compromise, suffering, lack of fulfillment and dulling of the relationship and its potential as a source of happiness and peace.

 In the Empowering Relationships Retreat you will gain understanding of how the energy field affects your relationships and learn to:

  • become more self-aware and nurture the self,
  • handle difficult emotions more effectively and appreciate the educational value of all emotions,
  • raise the vibration of ourselves and our relationships, engendering deeper respect and more love, togetherness, happiness and peace,
  • cut cords of attachment and redirect channels of energy into higher vibrational realities,
  • and let go of the past so you can focus your energy into the present moment where you are empowered to bring desired change.

Not only will you gain practical guidance to improve your relationships, you will come into greater understanding of your own self and deepen your relationship with the divine.

 Register for this retreat at The Alignment Center.

About Shakti Durga

Imagine finding someone who knew you at a deep soul level, who loved you and wanted you to shine and be fulfilled! That is the Guru. Shakti Durga is a householder, mother and wife, businesswoman and author, musician and spiritual teacher. More than anything she is a Guru. She is an inspiration to many people. Shakti Durga teaches through transmission of spiritual energy for empowerment of her disciples. In addition she has clearly spelt out her spiritual philosophy in a series of five books, audio visual presentations, numerous chant CD’s and meditation tools. Shakti Durga is skilled in Nada Shakti, or the ability to transmit uplifting and transformational spiritual energy through sound.

About Mother Clare

Mother Clare Watts is a Priest and Master Teacher in the Christian mystical tradition. Her early spiritual training began in the 1970s with a serious study of astrology, which led her to a dedicated yogic practice and living in two different yogic ashrams. Overcoming her initial resistance to all things Christian, she found herself called and drawn into mystical Christian training. In this mystical Christian order Mother Clare was brought into the initiations of Illumination and Self Realization. In 2001 she was given the highest initiation and ordination possible when she was ordained as a Master Teacher, and subsequently was given the rights to ordain others.